Top UK Airports for International Travel

Top UK Airports for International Travel
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As the summer season approaches, airports are gearing up for an influx of travellers embarking on holiday adventures. With families planning vacations, friends reuniting, and solo travellers seeking new experiences, airports are poised to become as busy as ever. Amidst the excitement, finding the right airport becomes crucial, setting the tone for a smooth journey and kickstarting your holiday on the right track, allowing you to focus on the adventures that lie ahead.

As the anticipation of holiday adventures builds, airports and airlines nationwide are gearing up for yet another bustling summer season. With just a couple of months until the peak travel period, Bella Villa Resort and Online Marketing Surgery have collaborated to produce this Airport Report, which ranks airports based on terminal passenger traffic throughout the entirety of 2023. This is a valuable insight into the busiest and quietest UK travel hubs.


Top 5 Quiet Airports for International Travel in the UK (by population)


1. Humberside – 136,976


Humberside, in Kirmington and the borough of North Lincolnshire, stands out as the quietest UK airport for international travel, with having 136,976 terminal departures in 2023. Despite its unassuming size, this airport offers a gateway to a diverse range of destinations, beckoning adventurers to explore the wonders of the world. Whether you’re yearning to marvel at the natural beauty of Reykjavik in Iceland, experience the enchantment of Lapland, immerse yourself in the rich history of Bulgaria, or indulge in the vibrant culture of Amsterdam.


2. Southend – 146,072


Second on the list goes to Southend, with the Southend-on-Sea airport having a total of 146,072 terminal departures. Here you can fly with easyJet to destinations such as Malaga, Faro, or Palma de Mallorca. Whether it’s the beautiful waters of Malaga, the sun-kissed beaches of Faro, or the vibrant culture of Palma de Mallorca, Southend airport serves as a gateway to numerous captivating destinations to explore and discover.


3. Teesside – 226,557


With 461,148 terminal passengers last year, Teesside International Airport will be one of the quietest for UK travellers. So if you’re thinking about travelling to destinations such as Alicante or Dalaman in Turkey for sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters, Teesside Airport stands ready.


4. Norwich – 357,852


Norwich is one of the quietest airports in the UK with 357,852 terminal passengers. Passengers departing from Norwich can embark on captivating journeys to sun-kissed paradises such as Pafos and Rhodes, courtesy of Tui’s well-curated flight routes.


5. Newquay – 408,870


To round out the list, Cornwall airport in Newquay ranks inside the top 5 quietest with 408,870 terminal passengers. Perhaps you want to visit the beautiful lake in Zürich in Switzerland or review some art and culture in Düsseldorf.


Top 10 quietest airports for international holiday flights

Airport Terminal Passengers
SOUTHEND 146,072
NORWICH 357,852
NEWQUAY 408,870
EXETER 433,067
ISLE OF MAN 638,619
GUERNSEY 694,958


Top 10 busiest airports for international holiday flights

Airport Terminal Passengers
HEATHROW 79,180,434
GATWICK 40,897,656
MANCHESTER 28,096,783
STANSTED 27,951,291
LUTON 16,403,784
EDINBURGH 14,396,794
BIRMINGHAM 11,481,365
BRISTOL 9,913,011
GLASGOW 7,358,828


Top 10 quietest airports for all travel (UK and International) (Business and leisure)

Airport Terminal Passengers
TIREE 11,898
BARRA 12,849
ISLAY 28,982
DUNDEE 38,508




As you plan your summer adventures and consider the best UK airports for your international travel, remember that a seamless journey sets the stage for an unforgettable vacation experience. Whether you’re jetting off for sandy shores, vibrant cityscapes, or tranquil getaways, finding the right airport is just the beginning. With our villas in Kissimmee Florida awaiting your arrival, your holiday dreams are one step closer to reality. So, as you embark on your adventures, trust in the convenience and comfort of our rental villas, where every moment promises relaxation, luxury, and cherished memories.

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